The SIC Surgical Tray is characterized by its optimal arrangement and ergonomic design.

The drill system can be plugged into the tray in a modular fashion. There is the option of adding drill depth stops to the tray.

All three SIC invent implant lines are compatible with the instruments of the SIC Surgical Tray. With this “SIC one4all Concept™”, we meet the demands of the dental practitioner for easy usage and cost-effectiveness.

SIC Surgical Tray

SIC Surgical Tray, empty

SIC Washtray

With the SIC Washtray, innovative processing leads to effective automated cleaning and sterilization which meets the highest standards of the Robert Koch- Institute. The SIC Washtray is time-efficient because all instruments can remain in the washtray during cleaning, disinfection and steam sterilization.

The instruments are strategically arranged for a clear process overview. It was especially developed to maximize efficiency for clinics, universities and large practices that perform a significant number of surgeries.

SIC Washtray