Surgical / Prosthetic Concept

Development of the SICvantage® max implant system had three priorities: maximum mechanical stability, ideal handling and a full indication range.

Motivated by the conviction to offer one of the most sophisticated parallel-walled (HEX) internal connections on the market, it was clear to SIC invent that the new conical “SICvantage® max“ internal connection in turn also must be one of the best and provide innovative prosthetic restoration options.

SICvantage® max will impress more than just real taper fans. The concept is distinguished by a high level of user and product safety even with reduced implant diameters.

Indexing is performed by 4 cross-type, pallel-walled grooves (“Swiss Cross”).The conical section is tightened for the long-term by tapping gently or with the fixation screw at a torque of 20 Ncm.

After removal of the fixation screw, the (Morse taper) conical connection can only be removed with a special instrument – the extractor.